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Happy Bday

Feliz cumplaños linda, que te la pases muy bien y que cumplas muchos más.

Un abrazo y un beso~

Oh you, love of my life~

I wish you all happines in this day and always. You're for me the best bassist in the world, I hope that you have fun, and drink a lot with your friends and the grinches XD

I hope to someday have the opportunity to congratulate you in person *hugs*

My god, you're so sexy.


P.S.1. Come to Mexico again!
P.S.2. I'm still waiting my sex tape of you and Kao u.u
P.S.3. Again, i'm sorry for my english.

Pss, pss...

Feliz cumpleaños Kaoru! ya son cuántos ¿38? soy tan mala fan que no me acuerdo en estos
momentos, ¿pero sabes qué? no importa.

Lo realmente relevante es que estás en este mundo y que continuarás en el, espero de corazón que llegues a ser muy viejito, aunque claro, viendo la genética de los asiáticos, estoy segura que seguirás viéndote sessy , nada más cuídate de no tener el traserón como hace unos años XD

Y aunque jamás te llegará, te mando un abrazo de oso :D

Felicidades de nuevo y a seguir festejando!

P.D.  Aún quiero la porno con Totchi T.T

P.D.2. Porque lo amerita la situación, tu piropo: A qué hora sales por las chelas... mi rey~ *insértese cara pervert*

京 ...お誕生日おめでとう!

Happy Birthday Kyo :D

I really hope that you recovers soon, because you're very talented, your lyrics are deep and beautiful, and perhaps you may not have "the voice" but I really like your songs. You transmit many things.

That's why I wish you the best, hoping that you will be on the stage soon and will celebrate your birthday working hard.

¡Happy B-day again! Happy 36~

P.S. I'm traumatized with that image! <3


Porque al fin vinieron a México.

Porque Daisuke nos sonrió y posó para nosotras.

Porque tuvieron una sesión de fotos aquí.

Porque pude disfrutar de su música en vivo.

Porque se ven re chulos de preciosos.

Porque UROBOROS remasterizado es aún más celestial.

Porque me hacen ser una mejor persona.

Y por un sin fin de cosas más...

Happy anniversary Dir en grey :D

Que sigan cumpliendo muchos más y trabajando juntos 4ever :3

P.D. Ojalá regresen pronto, necesito verlos y escucharlos en vivo de nuevo~


Today in japan is the birthday of one of the best singers, he's very talented, his lyrics are beautiful, and his voice amazing.

Ruki of my love, I hope that you have a good day! :D

Now a pictures of him :3



P.S. I know that is you who has to ask something, but please, give me a porn with Kyo D:


It can't be!

I totally forgot Aoi's birthday, seriously, I'm an awful fan. But now I'm here with this tiny post that I write from the heart (despite having sleep!!)

HAPPY B-DAY Aoi of love, you're an extremely good guitarrist, I love see you in the concerts beacuse you're fantastic :D

P.S. Please come to Mexico!!

You're sexy, sex, sex, sexy...

I have to put this photo of Ruki...

I don't need explain the reason, don't you?

 P.S. Marry me please!! D: (or at least, give me  a tape XXX with Kyo u.u)

dancing slowly forever sick~

My first post of 2012... Happy New Year everybody! I wish all of you the best :3  

I know that I should write something about Dir en grey, because they're my favourite band, but I think that is time to the GazettE. This kids are awesome, I love them more everytime.

Enjoy them in this small participation in Inazuma Rock Fes 2011.

GazeRock is not dead!!  :D

P.S. SEXY!! *-*
P.S.2. Ruki sooooooo hot!! *¬*  I love you more, and I love his clothes

Daisuke 愛してる~

It's definitive, you're the love of my life.

And all this is because you were so cute in the concert in Mexico City. What do you thought when we screamed you name and you looked at us and smiled?, perhaps "oh, poor girls, they're crazy"  I don't know, but really, i don't care.

Because you're a very nice person just for the fact that you looked to see us, and you posed for us to. XD

Daisuke of love,  Happy birthday! you have to celebrate your b-day in the future in Mexico, with tequila and mariachi :D

We'll waiting for all of you ;)

I know i'm posted this picture before, but i can't stop, i love it <3

P.S. I'm sorry for my english, i need practice jeje.